Dr. Sudhir Giri Profile


​To promote intellectual and personal development, through professionally focused and formative learning opportunities, preparing students to succeed, lead, and serve and establish, support, maintain, grant aid to institutions for the promotion of science, literature, music, drama, fine arts, for the preservation of cultural heritage and historical monuments research and to such other institutions in India having similar objectives for the benefit of the public in general & Serve the society through imparting and spreading educational activities.


​As young, dynamic, and vibrant institutions, the VGI mission has created a transformational environment, is continually looking to the future, and seeking out new challenges and sees change as a catalyst of opportunity.


​MBA & Ph.D



Shri Venkateshwara University, Gajraula, J. P. Nagar.

Venkateshwara Open University Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh.

Secretary :

Tirupati Educational & Welfare Society

International Educational & Cultural Society

Indraprastha Educational & Cultural Society

Shree Banke Bihari Educational & Welfare Trust

Padmawati Educational Trust


Tirupati Educational & Welfare Trust


Venkateshwara Group of Institutions, Meerut under which following institutions are established and successfully functioning :


  • Venkateshwara Institute of Computer Science & Technology, Jatoli, Meerut

  • Venkateshwara Institute of Technology, Jatoli, Meerut.

  • Venkateshwara College of Education (Only for Girls), Pablo, Incholi, Meerut.

  • Ch. Narendra Singh College, Jatoli, Meerut

  • S.R. College of Education, Mawana Road, Incholi, Meerut.

  • Padmawati Bal Vidyapeeth (Only for Girls), Defence Enclave, Meerut

  • VIT College of Education, Jatoli, Meerut.

  • Indraprastha College, Kila Road, Bhawanpur, Meerut.

  • VIT College of Pharmacy, Jatoli, Meerut.

  • Venkateshwara School of Pharmacy, Jatoli, Meerut.

  • Venkateshwara College of Engineering, Jatoli, Meerut.

  • Venkateshwara College of Pharmacy, Jatoli, Meerut.

  • VGI College of Pharmacy, Jatoli, Meerut.

  • Venkateshwara Institute of Pharmacy, Jatoli, Meerut

  • Venkateshwara Institute of Medical Science (VIMS), Gajraula, Amroha

  • Chairman/CMD, Newsworld India


Previous Senior appointments​

Executive in MNC Madhusudan Nipcon Ltd. 1995 to 1996.

Ex. Chancellor, Indraprastha Technological University, Chhattisgarh (2004).


• Dr. Sudhir Giri is an extremely kind-hearted, generous, and compassionate humane. He is a philanthropist to the core and goes out of the way to assist needy persons.

• He is extremely considerate and ever willing to undertake any measures which will contribute towards the upliftment of downtrodden. He is empathetic and a patient listener. His contributions to the field of academics and social activities are well known.


There is an unprecedented demand for and a great diversification in higher education, as well as an increased awareness of its vital importance for sociocultural and economic development, and for building the future, for which the younger generations will need to be equipped with new skills, knowledge, and ideals. Higher education includes ‘all types of studies, training or training for research at the post-secondary level, provided by universities or other educational establishments that are approved as institutions of higher education by the competent State authorities’. Everywhere higher education is faced with great challenges and difficulties related to financing, equity of conditions at access into and during studies, improved staff development, skills-based training, enhancement and preservation of quality in teaching, research and services, the relevance of programs, employability of graduates, the establishment of efficient co-operation agreements and equitable access to the benefits of international co-operation. At the same time, higher education is being challenged by new opportunities relating to technologies that are improving how knowledge can be produced, managed, disseminated, accessed, and controlled. Equitable access to these technologies should be ensured at all levels of higher education systems. Our Strategic Plan sets out the direction for the development of the VGI over five years and is set within the context of a wider ten-year vision. With our distinctive reputation for personal student experience and a belief that the research we do makes a real difference, the plan is a blend of continuity, by building on our existing strengths, and of change, as we enter one of the most challenging and unprecedented times in the history of Higher Education in India.


• To continuously improve our learning environment based on personal engagement with all students, with high-quality research-engaged teaching and learning where students create and develop new knowledge in collaboration with their lecturers

• To promote an internationalized culture of enterprise and innovation across our communities - locally, regionally and internationally, working closely with employers

• To develop and promote purposeful knowledge and research and develop innovative practices working to support the changing environment

• To help students develop into highly engaged, employable and creative-thinking graduates who contribute to the development of the society and economy

• To create a financial environment to allow us to invest in our future.

Celebrate the inspiring work of our academic community and extend the opportunities that Higher Education brings to students from all backgrounds.