Lessons To Be Remembered For A Successful Life

You make goals to move on, you make mistakes & you learn, how to correct mistakes to move forward. Life is about learning and moving.

If you get happiness, then you also face disappointments. If you find true friends, then you also encounter selfish people. This is your life, you have to take a lesson and move on.

Always remember these 5 lessons in life

Only that person is successful in life who learns from his failures. Difficulties teach us, then challenges strengthen us. This life is like a teacher, learn as much as you can.

Based on this, here I am telling you 5 such lessons from which you should learn and which are also important for you to learn.

Listen to everyone, but do what your mind speaks to you.

When we are not able to take the right and proper decision at those times such situations are aggravated. At that time we want to get the opinion of a person who can give us proper guidance. In such a situation, we have two options.

  1. Accept the advice of our family and well-wishers and friends.

  2. Another option is to listen to ourselves.

The first option may be right because our family, well-wishers, friends will think well of us. And with this thinking, we take our life decisions according to them.

But always remember this lesson 'Listen to everyone, but do what your mind speaks to you.

It simply means that before the final decision, we should introspect on the advice of our well-wishers and decide based on our thinking.

However, your well-wishers will not give you any wrong advice, so take their advice seriously but do not ignore your conscience to take a final decision.

Never delay in taking action

You must have heard this sentence 'Do every work thoughtfully' there are no mistakes in this sentence either. Because the work done in haste without thinking gives mostly opposite results.

But the question arises how long to think. After all, it will also have a time limit. May it is not so that we may keep thinking that someone else will kill us.

Mostly this is what we are doing -

  • I will start exercising next week.

  • I will start saving when I get a better job.

Always remember this second lesson of life, often this laxity is based on fear of failure or desire for complete results.

'You will not get the desired path for life. You just have to start walking to find a path.'

'You don't need perfection to take action. You start from where you are.'

What will happen at most, you will get a failure, but you will also get experience.

But when you won't even start?

Always remember this lesson. Failures teach you lessons that will help you succeed in the future. Therefore, never delay in taking actions.

Do not underestimate the value of time

"Time is passing even when you are regretting the past ."

Even the smallest window can show a lot. We speak very comfortably that time is short or I do not have time, and we waste time by using the mobile phone at that time we do not understand the value of time.

If you want to understand the value of time, then understand from the mother who keeps the baby in her womb for nine months.

If you want to understand the value of time, then understand from the students, who study for a full year to get good marks in exams.

If you want to understand the value of time, then understand from the farmer who does agriculture all year with the hope that he will get the price of crops one day.

Always remember that time does not come back. What you are doing at the moment matters. You entertain, pass the time too. But if you are spending time, definitely understand its value.

Always remember this third lesson that a person, who does not understand the value of time, time does not understand his value.

Be Grateful For What You Have Received

We all know that man can never be satisfied. We all want happiness but have forgotten how to find happiness. If one is not happy then understand that the person does not know an important truth of life that is satisfaction. So be thankful for what you have received.

If you do not have gratitude for your work, then meet the person who is educated but unemployed. If you do not have gratitude for your body, then meet the person who is helpless with hands and feet. If you are not thankful for your money, then meet the person who is unable to get bread for two times.

Always remember this fourth lesson of life, if you want to be happy, then be grateful for what you have got. Giving your gratitude will give you satisfaction and happiness. Gratitude is a gift that will make life beautiful and happy. A person of gratitude remains happy himself and gives happiness to others as well.

Never Give Up

The one who falls dares to climb to altitude. Those who consider an obstacle and challenge as the center of life, and stop the pace of their life, they never get success in life.

We cannot become karma warriors by retreating courageously from any problem. A winner is created when he fights. We will always face innumerable challenges in life. But how we face that challenge has a difference in our lives. So why do we lose courage when a challenge comes.

Remember you are the driver of your life. You decide what you want, what you mean, and how you live. So the fifth lesson of life is to never give up. It is said that due to the continuous rubbing of the rope, there are marks on the stone.

'Just go on struggle without getting disappointed, don't give up.'

Written By

Dr. Sudhir Giri

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