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Leadership is a quality you can gain an edge over others. Leaders lead public lives that guide and inspire those around them. A great leader has many qualities that make him popular. The ability to lead is a quality that is seen only within a few people. Some people inherit it while some inherit it over a period of time. A story that can describe one quality of a real leader.

Once upon a time. A king of China sent his son to a Jen master to make a good ruler. The Zen master sent Yuvraj to be alone in the jungle for a year, after keeping it with him for a few days.

When the crown prince returned, the master asked, "Tell me what you heard in the forest?".

"I heard the cuckoo's cry, heard the rivers yesterday, heard the rustle of the leaves, heard the buzzing of the bees, I heard the noise of the beetles, the sound of the wind" Yuvraj went on narrating his experience.

When the Crown Prince finished his talk, the master said, "Okay, now you go to the forest once again and don't return until you hear some new voices."

After spending a year in the jungle, the Crown Prince wanted to return to his kingdom, but could not even avoid the master's talk, so he was reluctantly moving towards the forest.

Many days have passed, but no new voice heard by Yuvraj. He got upset. He decided that now he would listen to every voice with great attention!

Then one morning, he began to hear some unknown sounds lightly then he returned to Jen master, a few days after the incident.

Yuvraj said "At first I heard the same sounds as before, but one day when I started listening very carefully, I started hearing what I had never heard before…. I began to hear the sound of buds blossoming, I heard the rays of the sun falling on the earth, the songs of butterflies, and the sounds of morning dew drinking through the sun”

Hearing all this, Jen Master became happy and smiled and said, "The ability to listen to the unheard is a sign of a good king. Because when a ruler learns to listen to the heart of his people, without speaking to them, he understands their feelings, understands the pain that is left unsaid, hears the untold complaints of his people, Only he can win the trust of his people, understand something if it goes wrong and can fulfil the real needs of his citizens. "

If we want to become the leader of our field, then we should also learn to listen to what has not said. That is, we should do our work with alertness like that Yuvraj and take care of the needs and feelings of those who work with us, only then we will be able to establish ourselves as a true leader.

Written By:

Dr. Sudhir Giri

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