Smart Work Or Hard Work

What’s Smart Work & Hard Work

When we work for a given target relying upon its value and put our efforts by applying our brain to deliver the most extreme outcome by utilizing least work, then it is known as Smart Work. While Hard work is about reliably progressing in the direction of a specific objective regardless of its value and not being stressed over the outcome and even by not utilizing any way to lessen exertion.

Let Me Tell You A Story

If I ask you what would you like to choose between smart work and hard work? Some of you will choose smart work, and some of you will choose hard work.

Let me tell you a story of 2 woodcutters, who used to cut trees from the forest and feed themselves and their families. One name is Ram, and the other is Shyam. Ram is working for 8 hours every day and earning Rs.500 for cutting a tree daily, on the other hand, Shyam asked to ram to give him his axe in the evening regularly, and Ram daily started to provide his shaft to Shyam in the evening.

Ram decided to see Shyam while working, and after giving the axe to Shyam, he started looking to Shyam. Shyam first started sharpening the shaft, and he cut an entire tree in 2 hours. Ram noticed one more thing that Shyam was rubbing an axe on the stone again and again. But now Ram has also learned a new technique to cut a tree in just 2 hours.

Now I want to know as per you who will earn more in his life, Ram or Shyam, while both are getting Rupees 500 for cutting a tree in a day.

If you think both will earn the same amount of money, you are not right. Ram will make more money because he is a hard worker from starting, and now he has also learned how to cut trees smartly, so he will work hard with smart work and will cut four trees in 8 hours and earn 2000 rupees daily.

The primary method to transform hard work into smart work is by understanding the outcome of the procedure. On the off chance that students continue working ceaselessly with no robust results, they ought to consider working shrewdly or smartly. As opposed to concentrating all the consideration on merely the work, consider all the options that can be an attempt to do a similar measure of work in less time. Set deadlines and objectives that they ought to accomplish in a set period and organize the significant errands first.

If you can do hard work and smart work together, you will accomplish extraordinary things and lead yourself to a superior life. One who tries sincerely and savvy will acquire all the advantages at the appropriate time of time. So whenever you will do any work, always do smart work with hard work.

Written By: Dr Sudhir Giri

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