Two Stairs of Success ~ Criticism and Condemnation!

In the present age, every person has a desire to succeed. Individuals make many efforts to succeed, but sometimes failures have to be faced, failures are the greatest teacher of the person. For example, history is a witness - Mohammad Gauri fought Prithvi Raj Chauhan 17 times but failed every time. 18th time, despite his untiring efforts, he achieved the goal, many such examples are recorded in history.

If we want to be successful in any field then firstly we have to set goals and take determination, for example - Assuming we have to go to some beautiful Place to visit, we do not know which place to go, then we cannot reach there, if we are determined and planned to visit Himalaya's for the tour then only we will be able to reach our goal by stepping every ladder.

Two reactions are going on in our inner heart, which we can call positive and negative thoughts or positive and negative mindsets. A positive mindset is always life-giving and negative thinking is always life-threatening. A positive mindset gives a slight delay in actions while a negative mindset result comes in a very quick time which proves to be painful for life.

We should not let negative mentality prevail over us, as the same mentality sprouts in the inner heart. We should give priority to a positive mindset everywhere because our body accepts the same waves as we think.

It means to say that we will become the way we keep our mindset. One should always aim at the target of success through arrows in the form of positives from his command.

Criticism and condemnation are important for success and criticism can also be of many types such as: -

  1. Theoretical criticism

  2. Decisive criticism

  3. Critical criticism

  4. Explanatory criticism

Criticism can be in any field such as - Karma, your behavior, writing, social service, politics, etc. The person who does a major work is said to be critical.

In other words, we can say that a person who evaluates the merits and demerits of a particular person fairly and selflessly and presents it to a particular person is criticism, and only the person doing this work is called a true critic. It is necessary to have these qualities in a good critic. Fairness, commendation, sympathy, proper knowledge of approach history and present, knowledge of indigenous foreign literature and arts, sensibility, study modesty, and contemplation modesty.

Some foolish person considers the critic as his hater and starts jealous of that great man, but it is not so. Criticism of the critic is more important in our life than we think it's a jeweler's mind who plays a vital role in bringing that person to the ultimate goal of success. Because it makes our lives more effective.

If Tulsida's wife would not have given him self-realization, the position he achieved in the field of poetry today might not have happened.

Similarly, if Guru of Kabir, Ramanandof had not rebuffed him, he might not have reached the point of his success.

On the other hand, if we talk about condemnation then, condemnation also plays an important role in the success of a person. Condemnation means to show a person's bad habits as the worst thing in the world. Condemnation is also of two types one is condemned in front of a particular person which is helpful in its success.

A good friend is the one who presents before you the shortcomings or bad habits, and he is your good friend.

The second type of condemnation is done in the absence of any person, the minor shortcomings of the person are exaggerated and presented to the other person or group. The person who acts as blasphemy in front of a person or group is called a cynic. There is no dearth of a cynic in our country. If you are doing good work, then the cynics will try to find cracks in the air.

If you are being condemned, then you should understand that you are moving towards success. You should keep moving towards your goal like a cool elephant.

Written By

Dr. Sudir Giri

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