Understand the value of body language in an interview in 5 Steps

Verbal communication is very important for success in your interview, as well as non-verbal communication, which also plays an important role.

To succeed in the interview, how to use body language better, I would like to give you 5 extremely useful advice which you can ensure success by keeping in mind:

1: Do not keep a wilted face:

  • The design of your mouth reflects your entire behavior.

  • Turning upwards shows that you smile a lot.

  • Turning down indicates that you show anger or frown too much.

  • keeping a calm and straight face shows that you are smiling and you have guts.

As far as possible keep your mouth upwards or at least keep it straight.

2: Pay attention to your steps:

  • Your way of entering the interview room also exposes your behavior.

  • Taking long and straight steps of faith shows that you are excited and full of confidence in the interview.

  • Whereas if you are walking with slow and hesitation steps, then it tells you are very nervous and not confident to do this work properly.

Therefore, as far as possible, look straight and full of confidence.

3: Shake hands in the correct way:

  • Try to identify and adopt these popular signals:

  • A lofty and eye-to-eye palm-to-hand shake reflects honesty and confidence.

  • Inanimate, relaxed, and loose-mouthed and without sight, the handshake shows that the person lacks enthusiasm and self-confidence and may also be passive.

  • An aggressive handshake and tightening of the hands during this time indicate excessive aggression in the person and a lack of sensitivity in him.

  • Handshake while holding both hands shows a feeling of insecurity and sometimes feelings of care. This type of handshake is very common but it is not suitable for professional meetings, so avoid doing it.

4: Keep an eye on your posture during the interview:

You should also take care of the seating position during the interview.

  • Sitting with down shoulder indicates a lack of interest, and if your body laying back on the chair indicates restlessness or nervousness.

  • Sitting with a straight body and head indicates that the candidate is full of confidence and stress-free and fully prepared for the interview.

5: Also remember how to get out of the interview room:

  • The interview does not end until it is well settled and it is also important how you get out of the interview room.

  • While leaving the interview room, keep in mind that you are walking with straight and confident steps.

Follow the above simple yet effective job interview tips, to have a perfect job you’ve always seen a dream for that.

Written By

Dr. Sudhir Giri

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